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     Learn a healing and restoring Daily Energy Self-Care practice with Donna Eden!

2020 Changes:   I offer you my expertise and experience through phone consultations and distance vibrational healing appointments. 

Your Energy – Your Life

Engaging consciously with your energy fields is the most effective, safest, best way to feel better no matter what is happening in your body.  Every physical emotional and thought process improves when the energy systems improve.  

Through one-on-one sessions and self-care education, this work activates self-healing by restoring patterns of wellness that you were born with.  

 "Energy Medicine is the science and the art of optimizing your energies 
to help your body and mind function at their best."

 ~Donna Eden, Author, Energy Medicine

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Energy Methods for Life!

    Lyn Milum, LMT  MA57728   


Advanced Practitioner of Vibrational Healing

Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Meeting your needs in every energy system since 2003: Basic Foundations of Healing, Meridians, Chakras, the Aura, the Body's Electrics, Stress Response/Resiliency, Five Elements, the Celtic Weave, Energies of Emotional Stress, Strange Flows/Extraordinary Vessels, the Basic Grid and Regression.

Other education includes: Craniosacral Therapy through Upledger, Lymphatic Drainage,  Food and Supplement energy testing, Body Polarity, and Meridian tapping techniques.  

Lyn's expertise is with the Energy systems; traditional massage therapy is not offered.

Working with the energies benefits all conditions and has been useful  for a wide array of disorders. While Energy Methods do not diagnose or cure illness, they contribute towards the healing of many conditions, including  

  •            counterbalance stress and anxiety
  •            enhance relaxation and ease
  •            boost energy levels
  •            manage and relieve pain
  •            strengthen the immune system
  •            manage weight
  •            relieve allergies
  •            improve self-confidence
  •            improve digestion
  •            influence hormone balance
  •            enhance over all well-being
  •            improve focus and learning
  •            alleviate insomnia
  •            reduce environmental and/or chemical sensitivities
  •            enhance peak performance in sports and the arts
  •            activate healing response when other methods have done all they can do
  •                    ... Energy Methods benefits everyone and is never contraindicated.

Eden Method brings you into an encounter with the vast potential for wellness within you.  Our intention is to replace energy habits of pain, distress, and other imbalances with strength and vitality, and to build resiliency in the energies of our physical and subtle energy bodies, our emotional experience, and our creative mind.

Energy Methods compliment all traditional and alternative medical approaches to health and healing.

I encourage my clients and students to use all appropriate and effective health-care options, along with Energy Methods, with the intention to expand and integrate their wellness and wholeness.   It is a deep privilege to serve and support your healing life force and emerging well-being.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Lyn Milum with Energy Medicine Pioneer and

Teacher, Donna Eden  

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Lyn Milum, Advanced Practitioner of Vibrational Healing

LMT #MA 57728



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