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Vibrational Distance Healing

I offer vibrational energy healing that is done at a distance.

Frequency-balancing is offered vibrationally into all the aspects of your subtle energy-body and the fields around your body, including chakras, meridians, biofield (aura) and more.

This distance work breaks through the binds of space, and can even break through the bindings of time and heal past and future parts of self. The focus is meeting within the zero-point, where all of space and time can come together in one present moment, and any balancing element of Nature and Consciousness may arise in your field as an answer to your genuine request that healing happen for you.

I offer my healer's presence in partnership with the guiding intelligence of your own inner healer, the built-in part of you that knows the nature of your path of wellness, and the best timing and sequence for steps along your healing path. Because this work is guided by a higher aspect of yourself, all results are under the guidance and wisdom of your higher self.

The core intention is to raise your vibration, and awaken your heart. Because the work is at the level of your highest frequencies, this high-vibrational work will cascade down into the spirit, emotions, and physical body.

You may experience physical healing, changes in symptoms, changes at the root of dis-ease, changes in physical energy, body processes, and more.

You may experience emotional healing, shifts in emotions (grief, anger, sadness, worry, fear) that have felt stuck or repressed, and/or shifts in emotions that have been influencing you and contributing to the state of your physical body.

You may feel changes in your spirit such as feeling uplifted, tranquil, a sense of clarity and focus, a sense of expanding possibility, and more.

At the level of consciousness, you may experience that long held beliefs or perceptions change. Consciousness shifts are also characterized by the experience of unique states of consciousness coming over you. You may experience a state of gratitude, a state of joy, a state of compassion, a state of forgiveness, a state of love, or more. States of being are actually causeless; they are not dependent on external circumstances. They come over us like the breeze. They are simply gifts. To you, it may be very subtle, and it can also be obvious and overt. You may experience shifts right in the moment of treatment, and/or you may experience them in the days ahead

To get started, please download my New Client Forms, complete them and return them to me with your signature.  Please attach these completed form to an email to me at, requesting to set up an appointment time with me. 

When I receive your email and signed forms I will reply to give you some of my available appointment times to choose from.  When we set your 90 minute first appointment, I'll send an PayPal invoice for $140, which is to be paid prior to the session. 


I look forward to working with you in the fields of possibilities.




Lyn Milum


To read about vibrational medicine, distance healing and the holographic nature of reality:

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. The author writes that nothing less than that the universe is itself one giant hologram. Mr. Talbot thus explains out-of-body experiences, quantum-theory problems, the paranormal, and other unsolved riddles of brain and body. 

Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber. This book is a veritable encyclopedia of new and old healing practices in which concepts of energy form the basis for diagnosis and/or treatment. He provides enough solid evidence and provocative insights to be of interest to both advocates and skeptics of unconventional medicine.

The Field by Lynn McTaggart, synthesizes discoveries from quantum physicists about the nature of consciousness into a unified theory. The number-one read for anyone interested in paradigm shift, nature of consciousness, the ‘paranormal’ or noetic science.

Lyn Milum, Eden Energy Method Advanced Practitioner,

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